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HairStory la Femme



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HairStory la femme clip ins are the best solution for an urgent repair or quick fix. Any occasion they are good to use. Daily work, party, travel, wedding, commercial meeting, etc. 100% virgin human hair which can be dyed, washed and styled just like your own natural hair. We suggest 1 set for added fullness to your natural hair, 2 sets for added legnth and fullness! 

• 7 Piece Clip ins (triple tracked)
• Can be worn down or up in a ponytail
• Comes natural brown color (can be colored)
• Last over a year with proper maintenance 

Please note:
18-30inches- 150g set /7 pieces 

- Hair Care

Hand wash, and air dry
- Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner 
- Detangle from tips to roots before shampooing with a wig brush or wide tooth comb

When not wearing your HairStory Clip-Ins, either store them in satin bag or hang them up on a hanger. 
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